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“Blue oblivion, largely lit, smiled and smiled at me.” — William Rose Benét

Our Romanian Blues
1. It’s scarf season already in Romania. Most people seem to have a colorful scarf (or a colorful scarf collection), as if a splash of turquoise or lilac or hot pink around their necks will brighten the streak of cold, gray, foggy days we’ve been having. And it kind of does.

2. This is where my baby sleeps. My husband bought this bright blue bed at one of the hypermarchés in town before the kids and I arrived. It is like a Pack N Play, but with an actual crib mattress instead of a thin pad. And the polka-dot part unzips, like an escape hatch. And my Bun does love to escape!

3. It took us four months to find Romanian milk the kids would drink. We call this “the blue milk” and it’s the Only. One. They. Like. Europe processes its milk differently from the United States, so the taste is pretty odd. And it comes in liters, not gallons, of course. I love most the tall, sleek design, which is quite the space-saver in our tiny refrigerator.

4. My pantry. And my supply of red-and-blue priority-mail boxes. Once I put away the M&Ms and Cheetos and stickers and fuzzy slippers friends send in care packages, I stow the boxes until I can return the favor. And, sometimes, when I’m lonely, I just go and stare at my boxes. My boxes from home. (Interesting note: There is no light switch in my pantry. Only this skylight. This is especially fun when I’m trying to find the dustpan at 10 p.m.)

5. Children in Romania tend to use colored pencils for art. (Thank goodness my mom brought over a stash of Magic Erasers when she came to visit.) Crayons are common, too. Markers, though? Nope. We have yet to find them at any of the grocery stores, which suits the couch just fine.


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  1. I like the bright blue bed, it has a happy feel to it. 🙂

  2. Love that your photo Tuesday actually shows up on a Monday here in the states. I like the blue color and I can see how if it is gray and gloomy, folks would flock to the splash of color. Nice. I like scarves.

  3. Love your pictures, and how the main color this time around is blue. It’s my favorite color.

  4. I just made blue martinis. I wish you were close enough to share. (Well, not *share*… I’d make you your own.)
    Coloured pencils are my favorite colouring utensil. More precise, and you can shade. Much neater than markers.

  5. Such beautiful and interesting pictures! My favorite is the last one of the colored pencils. I love the light and the perspective. You are a very impressive photographer!

    • Thank you, Mary! Your comment just made my month! =>

  6. So lovely! Happy Romanian Thanksgiving!

  7. […] how hard it is to find sweet potatoes, and the now toy store at the mall that stocks markers. Markers! It was, again, a wonderful mixing of American and Romanian traditions, of Thanksgiving and […]

  8. Blue is my favorite color. Something about it automatically calms my nerves.

  9. […] ever be filled, except on the Biggest One-Day Shopping Event of the Year! Places (plural) to buy milk or batteries or pipe cleaners or whatever else we might need at 1:30 in the morning. Air […]

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