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December 1, 2011 at 11:06 pm | Posted in Bun, Transylvania | 24 Comments
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I made my bed today. I put laundry away. I carried a bowl of cereal to the kitchen table. And I held my baby.

I held my baby.

I stood on my own two legs, reached down to pick him up, and snuggled his sticky banana-cheek to mine. I felt his weight against my hip and the tickle of his curls on my temple. Two Cheerios that were stuck to the back of his flannel pajamas click-clacked to the floor when my hand brushed over them. He cackled as the dog came to scarf them up and then made happy motorboat noises in my ear, content to watch the world from my arms. From my arms.

I promised myself I would remember every single sensation of that first deceptively simple hug. Because there was nothing simple about it. I worked my muscles and my psyche into exhaustion for three long months to get here. To be able to stand, to bend, to balance, to scoop up my baby and pull him to me. To feel and do something that was once so natural. So easy.

When he started to fidget and demand to get down so that he could dig around in the utensil drawer, I looked for a distraction. There it was, right on the kitchen table: a bottle I had stuffed with shiny, colorful things, then filled with water and glued closed. He took it, shook it, and watched the tornado of primary colors churn under his tiny fingers.

As the last specks of glitter settled, he tossed the bottle on the floor and reached down for it. I pressed him to me for two more sweet seconds and finally, finally, let him go.

The morning unfolded into a series of battles over removing the remote-control batteries. Over undecorating the Christmas tree. Over poking the dog in the eye. Over stuffing trains under the couch. We never slowed down, never went back to the bottle on the floor, to those first quiet moments of the morning.

The moments when he discovered density and gravity and refraction. When I discovered I had the physical strength to do what my arms and legs had craved for so long. When I rediscovered the weight of his diapered bottom on my forearm, the way my fingers fit under his squishy thigh, the grip of his fist on my shirt sleeve.

And the feel of him. In my arms.

Have you ever memorized a moment? Rediscovered a simple joy? Savored your baby for as long as he would let you?


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  1. So glad you’re getting better and such a wonderful moment to experience. I can’t imagine going 3 months without picking up my kids, even though my kids are quite bit heavier now than they use to be.

    • Not being able to pick him up has been one of the toughest parts of this whole thing. Never mind the physical pain, the emotional pain is killer!

  2. I am so thankful you were able to hold your baby again. I know way too much about things like that. Since I’ve been sick, there are many, many things I miss doing.

    Great job with the discovery bottle!! Hopefully, he’ll enjoy rediscovering all the time =)

  3. Look at you with your beautifully written post seamlessly integrating the Pinteresting. You rock and not just because you can pick up your beautiful baby, though, that’s really, really wonderful!!! I’m totally going to try the discovery bottle, though keeping my little one from breaking dishes and scribbling on the walls is fun too.

  4. (smile)
    Love this for you Stacia!

  5. So happy you are feeling better. Awesome!

  6. What a delicious moment! Hooray!
    I remember my sensation after a much shorter inability to hug my baby. Oh. The wholeness of it. My heart slipped back into place.

  7. Oh honey! That’s absolutely precious. I have memories where I held my babies and toddlers in the rocking chair, knowing that it might be the “last time”. Kinda breaks my heart, now…

  8. Oh, what a triumphant moment for you (and for me to return to! It’s been too long!). Not as long as your three long, strenuous months. Warm wishes!

  9. So glad you are healed – what a relief.

  10. You’ve been so brave; barely a complaint all this time.
    So glad all is moving in the right direction.
    I bet Bun missed being held as much as you missed holding him.

    • Let’s just say, I haven’t complained too much online. I saved it all for my physical therapist and emotional therapist (that would be my husband)! =>

  11. I love this. I knew I saw that pretty water bottle in that other picture!
    So glad you and your babe are back together.

  12. Wow. What an “experience.” 😉 I’m only now filling in the pieces of what happened and holy moly! So glad that you are healing up well and getting back on your feet — literally.

  13. Yeah, Stacia!!! You have come so far!!! Congratulations!!! You deserve savorying every second of that moment!!!

  14. Wow, Stacia! What a beautiful post! I’m so glad you were able to hold your baby and treasure that time!!! :o)

    I also wanted to tell you THANK YOU for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet compliments, I know this is WAY OVERDUE, but I have not forgotten your kind words!!!


  15. What a beautiful post, and a reminder to treasure even the smallest of moments. Love the discovery bottle!

  16. I love the combination in the post of the profound and the mundane. Or maybe it is that there is always a layer of profound to be FOUND in the mundane if we are ready to look for it. And you always are. Love that discovery bottle.

  17. My goodness. I just signed big and huge for you and for him and for the incredibly important reminder this post serves. So happy for you.

  18. Hoo—freaking—ray!!!!!

  19. Love everything about this post. You standing up and holding your baby… huge huge smile on my face.

  20. What a great post. I’m also going to try that bottle. I was going to send you an email about the Holiday books, but cannot locate an email address for you? Email me and I’ll reply back if you are interested in some of the titles. Thanks for hopping over last week!

  21. I can feel your happiness here. I bet it was out of this world – to be able to hold your baby close again. Yay!!! 🙂

  22. I love how you describe the feeling of holding him. And I love these moments. I am trying to savor them all with my little guy also. Truly precious.

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