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December 18, 2011 at 11:56 pm | Posted in Giggles, Me | 18 Comments
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Right this very moment, four years ago, Giggles came into the world, the exact same weight as his sister but a good inch shorter. That trend continued for the next two years as he grew out before growing up, sporting Marshmallow-Man thighs that still make my uterus giddy.

Then, of course, he abandoned babyhood for fire trucks and sandboxes.

His legs and waist are now a long, lanky, elastic-requiring unit. His eyelashes reach to the moon and back. And his laugh, the one that earned him his nickname here, still persuades waiters to bring him an extra peppermint. Even after he’s dropped three forks, an open salt shaker, and a glass of juice on the floor.

He uses made-up words like “yesternight,” which I think might actually have a valid place in the English lexicon. He loves “babloons” and “bestruction paper.” And he’s always doing some “special project” or other, even if it’s just rifling through the bag of cotton balls and picking out three he can glue-stick to a straw.

His favorite number is 2. His favorite color is green. His favorite fruit is banana. And his favorite banana is the one he chooses from the bunch.

When he feels like he’s not being heard above the din of his sister singing Romanian Christmas carols and his brother wailing for another juice box, he says, “But it’s my turn to talk now!” Then he says it again, until finally we all stop and listen.

He has a monster growl that he uses to annoy his sister. And a shriek he uses to annoy his parents. And a sweet way of kissing our cheeks — “Mmmmpahhhh” — that makes us forget about the shrieking.

He’s equal parts creative and clumsy, like me. He’s intrinsically gentle, like his father.

He likes to orbit things like lampposts and tree trunks and coffee tables. He emits more energy than the sun.

And his smile? Is just as bright.

Can your mind’s eye still see your baby’s chubby thighs? What traits of yours and your partner do you see in your children? And do they have a cotton-ball obsession, like my Giggles?



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  1. Happy Birthday Giggles! Beautiful writing mama!

  2. You love him. That’s obvious from this. And it’s a love of the details of KNOWing and NOTICING. The most tangible love.

  3. Happy Birthday Giggles ! So blessed to have a sweet and wonderful mama like you!

  4. Happy Birthday, Giggles! I like bestruction paper too!

  5. Happy, happy Birthday!

  6. This is the best birthday post I’ve read. Ever.

    Happy birthday, Giggles! You are very loved!!!

  7. Happy birthday, Sweetie! My favorite “B” word came from one of my granddaughter’s frequently: That’s bisgusting! That has lingered around the family for a few years, as those cute sayings have a tendency to do. Enjoy that little ray of sunshine!

  8. We have yesternight here, too! What an adorable birthday post…hope he has a great Romanian-style birthday!

  9. What a beautiful birthday tribute! Hope his day was extra special.

  10. I love their special words and their funny favorite things and all the little quirks that make them so unique and wonderful. I have a hard time seeing the baby in my little girl anymore, gosh the time has gone quickly, but every now and then, when she sleeps or tilts her head just so, I see my baby girl. It takes my breath away. Happy birthday, Giggles!!

  11. Beautiful! I feel like I have a harder time remembering the baby moments of my middle girl than the other two — they lose that baby chubbiness so quickly, don’t they? Happy Birthday, Giggles!

  12. i love your notes about him. They’re so sweet when they’re little…

    Happy Birthday to your Big Guy. Hope Year 4 is a fabulous one!

  13. Beautiful tribute to Giggles!!! Happy Birthday!

  14. Those cheeks are so squishable! I remember when my girls had chubby cheeks and thighs.

  15. Happy birthday, big man!!

  16. Sorry I missed your birthday Giggles – I’m sure it was awesome though. Happy belated birthday little man.

    And chubby thighs are all the rage in our house these days. Well, for the baby, not me. I love, love, love them and don’t even want to think of them disappearing right before my eyes…

  17. Happy Belated Birthday Giggles! Oh, Stacia, that pic is so adorable. What goodness.

  18. Great opening shot!

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