Comfortably Numb

January 20, 2012 at 1:40 pm | Posted in Bun, Transylvania | 14 Comments
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Binkie. Paci. Soothie. Nuk. Around these parts, we call it a nummie.

And on Monday, we lost it. Lost it.

It happened during a sledding adventure that included an hour of squishing wiggly children into scarves and socks and snowsuits. Once bundled, we eked along an icy path behind their school. Six small mittened hands attached themselves to my elbows and pockets for a little extra purchase.

Finally, finally, we made it to the hill, where children with purple hats and orange coats and blue sleds flitted around like bits of confetti from a busted pinata. It started to snow. Of course it did.

Lollipop and Giggles walked halfway down as a friend coached them on beginner sledding techniques. They got on … pushed off … gathered speed … and crashed.

Sledding? Done.

Up next? Wipe tears. Distribute juice boxes. Cluck soothingly. Count children. Count mittens. Assess potential injuries. Pick up trash. Retie drooping scarf. Count children. Count mittens. Cluck soothingly. Pick up trash. Collect wandering baby. Reassess potential injuries. Count children. Count mittens …

Eventually we felt brave enough to trek back to the car. We blasted the heater. Buckled up. And wondered why the baby was screaming.

No nummie. No nummie anywhere. Not in the seat, under the seat, behind the seat, in his pocket, in my pocket, in the bag, in the parking lot, on the sidewalk, in the school, at the top of the hill, in his other pocket, in my other pocket. No. Nummie. Anywhere.

Which wasn’t all that bad, really, because I had more at home waiting to be sterilized. (Did you really think I’d move 6,000 miles away from Target for a whole year and not bring a couple of extra pacifiers?)

What I didn’t bring? An extra clip. You know, the thing that keeps the kid from chucking his pacifier on floors where giddy bacteria can hop on for a joy ride?

And our clip? Was with the nummie. Lost. Gone. Nowhere.

So I did what any self-respecting mom without access to FREE Super Saver Shipping would do. I went to Pinterest. And found this tutorial.

It required a scant eight materials. I had two of them. Still, I pressed on and MacGyvered something together out of felt, buttons, a hair band, and a clothes pin.

Is it durable? Probably not. Are the buttons a potential choking hazard? You bet.

But does it work? Oh, yes. Oh, yes, it does. We are all, finally, comfortably numb once again.

Have you ever lost something vital to the sanity of your household? Do you improvise well? And do you think gluing AND sewing the buttons on is enough to keep Bun from eating them??


This post is part of MEP’s Real Women of Pinterest series. Join in as we celebrate collaborative creativity (and the power of glue guns).


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  1. LOL! Oh, gosh. I’m glad you got through that. While we never had a nummie fixation, we had other things, and I hear you about the loss of that. Serious grieving! Love how you MacGyvered something. Very crafty! πŸ˜‰

  2. A baby without a binky (what we call it) is an unhappy baby. But you and your ingenuity make me reconsider my whole anti-craft mentality. Making that from scratch? Amazing!!! (Now if we can figure out how to make pacifiers from scratch we should be set!)

    Winter is no fun, and I grew up around snow! I still hate it! My husband and kids, on the other hand, adore the wet, cold, disgusting stuff. Yuck. I’d rather have negative temperatures and no snow than that wet mean white gunk people call “fun!” “awesome!” and “amazing!” It’s cruel, that’s what it is.

  3. You.are.genius. Choking hazards and all. I’m sure the glue and thread will hold them on…people DID have buttons on kids’ dolls all the time in the old days, you know.

    Wonder what on earth happened to the original nummie…betcha it turns up in the spring πŸ™‚

    • Seriously, that is adorable, and way cuter than the paci-holders that my Isabel had for her binkies/pacis/nummies back in the day!

  4. You saved the day! Good job, MacGyver would be proud.

  5. Love it! Losing the binky is never a good thing! Very creative πŸ™‚

  6. Look at you DIY mama. I love what you made and thank goodness for Pinterest! Wish I could get on there more often. It’s such a great site.

  7. Even if you’d had all eight required components, you probably wouldn’t enjoyed the process as much or taken as much pride in the final (very cute) result. MacGyver-ing is empowering, I say! Stay warm, Texans.

  8. Oh yes- it’s tragic when things they are attached to go missing. We called ours a sucker but fortunately only the first born had one. The second had her thumb- which was harder to break because I couldn’t take it away. I was super lucky with the third that she didn’t do either.

  9. Love the humor with the “we had 2 of the 8 materials” and – potential choking hazard? you bet… you make me laugh!

  10. “Have you ever lost something vital to the sanity of your household?”

    Just my mind.

    cute piece!

  11. From one self-respecting soother-loving family to another: I LOVE THIS.

  12. Nice tΓ©tine holder! (That’s what we call it here). I just joined Pinterest today finally and I hope it will give me good ideas instead of being a time-suck. πŸ™‚

  13. Oh how I remember the paci days. In the Indian language we refer to it as the “walu” (a/k/a the precious one). My daughter had one paci in her mouth and four backups.

    I admire your creativity skills and putting together the paci clip.

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