The Punchline

January 23, 2012 at 1:55 pm | Posted in Guest Posts, Me, Transylvania | 10 Comments
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Want to know what seven pillows, gunshots, and a remote control have in common?

I’ll give you a hint: They almost led to my undoing.

Head over to Rebecca’s to read the punchline (and more about the actual punching that accompanied it).


Fluffy Bunnies in Romania:
Read the tales
See the photos.



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  1. It’s so great to have you at my virtual home. Your story about letting go is just what the doctor ordered this month. January, for me, is about shedding. I get inspired by people who find a way to peel back the layers and let the Truth of their life land. Thanks for allowing your life to be another anchor for me as I find my way to myself.

  2. That was a great post…I can just imagine your frustration and anger and utter helplessness at that moment.

    And I’m so glad it’s over. And that you’re now WALKING to your physical therapy sessions!

    • I know, yay!! I like being happy much more than I like being angry. =>

  3. Wow, Stacia. Way to let go! I have trouble doing that. I’ve got to keep things together because if I don’t, no-one else will. Luckily for me, I’ve recently rediscovered something that helps me destress, and I indulge in it every. single. night. (And no, it contains neither chocolate or alcohol.)

    I love your journey, even while you may not. You’ve handled your own challenges and struggles with the type of realness and grace that most people cannot know, and you *own* it. I admire that about you. I, too, have spent time abroad, and I know firsthand that away from “home”, it’s hard to find that type of grounding and peace when you’re under the gun. (Pun not intended.) I only lasted 5 months before I went home due to homesickness, and regretted it ever since.

    Thanks for sharing your story, good times and bad. (((hugs)))

  4. As a newer reader I’m still piecing together your story. Holy cow! I am not sure how I would ever have survived an injury in a foreign place. Great post.

  5. Thanks for sharing your story. When you hit rock bottom, the only way is up.

  6. Let me see…you were in Italy…then you live in Romania….you have your husband, father, and kids around you…, a laptop, TV, Quasi Queen size beds,..and….

    I ‘d say if that’s rock bottom…I know some folks that will take your place….

  7. I really enjoyed your post. I think the commenter above me, Charlywalker, doesn’t understand expatriatism. It isn’t about counting your blessings or realizing what you DO have, it’s these sudden and inexplicable lows that come with being in a foreign land, away from familiarity, and sometimes the dependence on others that that leads to. Kudos to you, I only moved to the UK… I couldn’t imagine how difficult it would be to move to a country where you don’t speak the language either.

    • Yes. Thank you, Nicky.

  8. […] inside. We’re at a physical crossroad, each one of us, and we’ve all no doubt seen some bleak days, just like this tree. (And if you don’t buy that, well, I just think it’s a cool shot, […]

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