Our Heart Attack*

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Spoiler Alert: Are you married to or related to me? Then do not read this until after February 14. (I mean it, Mom!)

So you might have heard that it’s cold here in Eastern Europe. Record-breaking cold. Politicians-resigning cold. Hair-freezing cold. (Note to self: Do not go outside until at least 90 minutes after shampooing.)

Sledding? Skating? Snowman-building? My kids want nothing to do with it. Hence, we are stuck in the house. And we seem to have lost our quiet voices. Along with any interest in sprawling on the couch and watching hours of brain-melting cartoons … despite a little, um, begging on my part.

But I still have my sanity. (Really, I do.) How? you ask.

Arts. Crafts. And empty toilet-paper tubes.

I have no idea what to do with Lego wheels. Or “easy-to-configure” train tracks. Or Barbie shoes that just won’t stay on. But give me some card stock, pipe cleaners, and a Valentine’s Day Pinterest board? And a-crafting we will go. All. Weekend. Long.

Portable hugs? Check. (No pictures because I spent the entirety of the project choking back sobs over the volume of glitter being spilled on tables, floors, and toes.)

Old crayons turned new again? Check. Lollipop and I spent an hour or so arduously peeling labels from violet-red and red-violet nubs. We chatted about how tricky it seemed. And we agreed we were thankful for cheap Romanian crayons whose paper wrappers practically slid right off. (Damn you, Crayola, and your quality product.)

“I Love You Because” books for Daddy? Check. We went large on this one and broke into our precious felt and buttons cache.Β  (He’s totally worth it.) We experienced a momentary setback when Lollipop and Giggles realized I had made the covers different. (“How come he got a heart button?” and “Hey, hers has two buttons!!” and so forth.) But I fixed my “Stern Mommy” gaze upon them and we moved along …

Right to the recycling bin. Toilet-paper-roll finger puppets? Check. With eyelashes.

Craft hard or go home, that’s our motto.

Well, that, and there’s no such thing as too many stickers … And if all else fails, glue it … And buttons don’t go in your nose … And it’s not over until someone eats glitter … And …

What’s your crafting motto(s)? Which do you wield better: a Lego wheel or a color wheel? And how do you pass the time when marooned with bored children?

*See, even the title of this post comes from a Pinterest pin, one I am indeed planning to implement next Tuesday.


This post is part of MEP’s Real Women of Pinterest series. Join in as we celebrate collaborative creativity (and the power of glue guns).


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  1. Oh I didn’t know you know Mep – maybe that’s how I found you.

    Arts and Crafts are a bit of a nightmare for me. Somehow I want my children to raise themselves while I watch tv. But I might be a little burnt out just now.

  2. Awesome! I LOVE the toilet paper tube fingering puppets (with eyelashes!) – so cute. Everything is adorable.

    Last weekend, I was stuck in the house with some very bored girls. We made slime, homemade play-dough, and gunk. We actually had quite a good time, though it was very messy!

  3. Looks good! I love a day filled with creation. Soon to be a lot of that around here…

  4. So great! I wish I had some of your creativity, but I can’t do crafts to save my life. I’m not very good at LEGOs either, but better. I just don’t have the patience and then I get upset when things don’t turn out as planned.

  5. Oh, you’re such a good mom…I sheepishly need to go a bit with Lady Jennie above…I keep having memories of yelling at my son half asleep, “Can you PLEASE let me get some sleep??! No, I don’t know what you should do now!” πŸ˜‰ He LOVES arts and crafts and I keep having this fear that as soon as he gets exposed to one of my arts and crafts girlfriends that he will ask to be adopted…

    Anyway, those are gorgeous looking crafts/gifts! Thanks for the reminder about Valentine’s Day!

  6. Great activities πŸ™‚ Hope it warms up soon πŸ™‚

  7. What cute crafts! As for me, I’m way more into crafts that I can eat . . . πŸ˜‰ However, I think I’ll take the color wheel over the lego’s any day. My girls love crafts, so pinterest is such a life-saver with what to do with random pieces of ‘would-be’ trash. I can’t wait for valentines day this year. We are already ready. For once in my life! πŸ™‚

  8. Hope you heat up soon. I love the motto, craft hard or go home. Gave me a laugh this Saturday morning.

  9. No Lego abilities here. You made some great stuff!

  10. Craft hard or go home people, love it!! Stacia, your soul is so beautifully creative. The crafts are adorable. Thinking of our Valentine’s party you hosted a few years back at your home. You will be home soon-yay!! We will have to have a crafting party to welcome home the kiddos and a margarita mommy party later that night. woo hoo!@

    • A margarita party! That sounds DIVINE. =>

  11. I agree. It’s funny to collect my artworks on Pinterest. I’ll give a look to yours there.

  12. I was reading about the cold spell in Romania this morning and got a little scared for you. Hope you stay safe and warm while you “weather” it. ***hugs***

  13. “craft hard or go home” – hilarious.

  14. holy wow… i’d still be sitting on the couch. you’re awesome.

  15. Totally cute. Ahhh Europe. I miss it. Even if it is cold. Now we are in Japan and guess what? They have quality crayons!

  16. You guys went on a bender! Love it all! Every year I torture myself having my kids try to make their own Valentine’s. I am, of course, not able to fully let go and let them do it so we’re all wishing I had looked for the Power Ranger valentines at Walgreens by the time we’re finished. This year? I’ve saved the excitement for today, February 13th. But when the going gets tough this afternoon, I’m going to think to myself, it’s only 30 something outside and “Craft hard or go home, that’s our motto.” Hang in there!

  17. I love the crafts here! The crayon idea is awesome. And the cards… I am so jealous – I’d love to join you guys. At least I know my Little Miss would. Alas, our crafting time has been sidelined by my work. Ugh. Until I find more time, I will be living vicariously through you. Craft it (and pin it) sister!

  18. Catching up today. Loved this post. I am definitely more craft than lego. I actually despise any form of “play” that isn’t crafty. I send daddy to the tea parties and such. All of your stuff turned out so cute. And I laughed out loud when you said you even got into the buttons and felt for daddy. I totally understand the “good” crafty stuff that has to be used in small doses. I am the exact same way. And I have got to try that melted crayon thing.

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