The City of White

April 2, 2012 at 8:00 am | Posted in Bun, Family | 16 Comments
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“Paris is always a good idea.” — Audrey Hepburn

Have you been to Paris? What are your favorite Parisian places? And do you prefer pain au chocolat or crème brûlée?




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  1. My vote is for croissants. I do the terribly impolite (I imagine) thing of peeling the layers of bread apart and eating the croissant in layers. So good! I’m reading a new book called “Bringing up Bebe” by Pamela Druckerman. Heard of it? It’s pretty interesting. I’ve been thinking of you and think you’d enjoy as well. Hope your trip has been wonderful.

  2. Beautiful! Gorgeous! Little bit jealous! 😉

  3. Someday… Someday. Enjoy!

  4. sigh…. just sigh….

  5. Love the photos. The white tulips are gorgeous.

  6. I have been to Paris and love the cafes and croissants. I also absolutely love a place called Montmartre – a favorite place of artists. The views are something magnificent. And equally unforgettable.

  7. Great take on White and beautiful pictures! I love the variety!

  8. I can only dream of visiting Paris. Your pictures are wonderful! I especially love the statue.

  9. Love the white tulips. You make Paris look so dreamy.
    That’s one city I haven’t made it to…my husband has been a few times for business (which hardly counts) but we never managed to travel there otherwise. Gotta get that on our bucket list 🙂

    No Ordinary Homestead

  10. I have never been to Paris, or even out of the US, but I imagine it to be a sort of dreamy, magical place. It would be an amazing place to take photos, for sure.

  11. Sigh….sigh…sigh……

  12. I was in Paris when I was 21. Nothing like it in the world, in so many ways. I would pick pain au chocolate any day.

  13. Been there, loved it, would love to return. I’m all about the croissant. With more butter (if it’s on offer) to spread on the buttery crust.

    I’m also reading and really enjoying Bringing Up Bebe.

  14. […] Three weeks ago, we were in Paris. Ah, Paris. […]

  15. I never had the desire to go, but we got the chance and I loved it! Must admit I loved the egg on the pizzas. Yum!

  16. Beautiful photos! We went to Paris last August (sans hubby, who came down with the flu the night before our flight!!) and I would have to say I loved the Eiffel Tower, partly because it is breathtaking and partly because I was seeing it through my son’s eyes and he was utterly captivated by it (bought all sorts of Eiffel Tower trinkets for himself). Was depressing to go without my husband especially since this was supposed to be our 10 year anniversary trip but Paris had enough magic for me to get over it!

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