The (Easter) Grass is Greener …

April 9, 2012 at 8:29 pm | Posted in Photo Tuesday, Transylvania | 22 Comments
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Awake, thou wintry earth —
Fling off thy sadness!
Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth
Your ancient gladness!
— Thomas Blackburn, “An Easter Hymn”

This is our first (and only) Easter in Romania. The traditions are different. The food is different. There are no pastels, no jelly beans, no Peeps. Instead, there are reds and yellows and blacks. Hand-rolled sarmale and cozonac with raisins and poppy seeds. Orthodox icons of the Virgin Mary on sale at the grocery store. It’s new. It’s strange. It’s amazing. And much to Lollipop’s delight? There are indeed rabbit-shaped chocolates.

Have you ever spent Easter somewhere else? Which traditions would you take with you, and which would you leave behind? Could you live without jelly beans? Peeps? Cadbury eggs?




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  1. this is all just so beautiful.

  2. reminds me of ‘home’ in Europe. Love your photos.

  3. Wow! How interesting to experience it in a new place. I have only been in the US for Easter. I would be so sad without jelly beans. Beautiful pictures!

  4. Fabulous pictures! I miss being in Europe for Easter, but I have made up for my three years away in the number of Cadbury eggs I have eaten this Easter.

  5. Those eggs are amazing! I love the glimpse of Romanian Easter you’ve shared with us.

  6. The eggs are so beautiful, so much detail. I’d miss Cadbury eggs, guess I’ll stay put!

  7. Beautiful photos and those eggs are incredible!

  8. Those eggs are beautiful!!!! =)

  9. My great grandma used to make eggs like that. I wish we’d taken better care of them… I think my mom only has 1 or 2 that have survived through the years.
    Glad you found some chocolate bunnies!!

  10. Wow! The painted eggs are just gorgeous. What a wonderful experience spending Easter in Romania must have been for you.

  11. Great pictures! The colors are generally bolder in Germany also — but a lot of the more traditional icons like rabbits and lambs are well established icons…especially when it comes to chocolate! The plethora of Easter goodies over here is just insane 🙂

    No Ordinary Homestead

  12. What a fun experience! 🙂

  13. Okay, I left a long comment, but where did it go? It basically said that I like Easter mass. I like my kids playing outside on a sunny Easter Sunday for SIX hours straight with their cousins. I can live without all the candy and the accompanying sugar highs and crashes. I can live without peeps. I would keep peanut butter eggs, Starbust jelly beans (not tropical variety, not the green ones, not the bright pink ones), and the peanut butter m&ms that look like eggs. Were the eggs in your photos real eggs or decorative?

    • They’re real eggs that have been blown and then painted. It’s just amazing.

  14. The colors! It may not be familiar but what an experience huh? I would love to see how other cultures celebrate the same holiday I do. I guess I’m kind of doing that now aren’t I? 😉

  15. It’s so frustrating – I tried to leave a comment with my avatar but I have a account and can’t remember the password, so it doesn’t let me use my info. Oh well. What I meant to say was – cool colors! Cool Easter! (It was so much better the first time around).

  16. […] — and I enjoyed myself, too. Plus, I got to leave just before the sugar rush kicked in from the souvenir chocolate bunnies I handed out. Sorry, Ms. […]

  17. I’ve never been abroad for Easter, but we used to blow eggs. And paint them much much less beautifully.

    I tagged you yesterday. You’re it.

  18. Those eggs are beautiful!! I assume they were selling them, how much were this mini pieces of art?

    • They were indeed for sale. 10 lei a piece, which is peanuts compared to how much time went into each egg. About 3 bucks. Aren’t they just gorgeous?

  19. What gorgeous photos! The design on that egg is amazing. Traditional U.S. celebrations seem so tacky in comparison.

  20. The intricacy on those eggs is stunning. Love these pics Stacia.

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