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April 15, 2012 at 11:16 pm | Posted in Guest Posts, Haiku Friday | 9 Comments
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It’s past Friday. But …
I stayed in an igloo this
Weekend. Slooooow wifi.

This week’s poet is
So cool she’ll give you brain freeze.
Better than ice cream.

It’s MEP, not to brag.
Mom of three who needs caffeine
And e-books in bulk.

She’s the CEO
of RWoP.
And? She laminates.

Grab your M&Ms
And raise ’em high: a chocolate
Salute for my friend.   


Cardinals bop and weave
two have made our yard home base
my sign — all is well

Squealing, joyful kids
wreak havoc as they sow fun
delight in chaos

Ice cold Diet Coke
peanut butter eggs in house
all else fails? look here

Library email
the book I want? they have it!
find the time? c’est mine

Spray, spritz, wipe, repeat
for ten minutes all is clean
exhale in this calm

Two heads, two pillows
shared chat as day calls it quits
night night, my best friend

High school English Ms.
knows this poem is not “A” work
but, man, she’s seen worse


Don’t forget …
Comment in haiku
And you could win something cool …

From Transylvania!



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  1. I have a poem for you. Here or email? Also, check out my blog!

  2. MEP, I love her, too.
    Chicago, Fairfield, spring break
    Sad, we did not meet.

    🙂 Worth a try…

  3. You’re so cool!

    • Ha! I’m so cool I think I’m still frozen!

  4. Alas I am too busy
    To make poetry and prose
    But I want to win!

    • All she wants to say Is … Pick me, pick me, pick me! Bet she has good luck. =>

  5. my fluffy bunnies
    glass half full, overflowing
    this mama is good

    No prize for me — it was an honor just to be nominated!

  6. Love MEP, always have.
    Love Fluffy Bunnies Haiku,
    On deck poet stalled.

    (I’m working on it!!)

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