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Haiku Friday: Juiced


This boy and his cast
Have four more weeks together.
I’m going crazy.

He runs, chases, climbs,
Spins, scooters, shimmies, and jumps.
You’re not healed! I plead.

He’s juiced, batteries
Recharged, practically humming,
My electric boy.

Children are resilient: discuss. And what do I do with all his energy??



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  1. My friend w/ 4 children kept telling me that if could just figure out how to bottle and sell all that extra energy from her little ones she would make a fortune or power a small city.

  2. So hard to watch and pray that he doesn’t hurt himself, but he is juiced and that’s a good thing 🙂 I hope he gets better soon.

  3. This is my greatest fear with 3 boys. I foresee many ‘juiced’ moments in paster years down the road!

  4. Only a good sign!! It’s nice to know his spirit is as strong as ever 🙂

  5. If he’s juiced, how about more juice? Or the opposite of that. Hang in there! Will he have the cast removed before returning to the US?

  6. I love boys. Nothing more to discuss.

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