Monday’s Child

August 24, 2012 at 8:51 am | Posted in Haiku Friday, Lollipop | 10 Comments
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Haiku Friday: Monday’s Child


On Monday, she will
Pick out her ruffliest dress
And princess slippers.

I will convince her
That hot pink Crocs are better
For slides at recess.

I’ll pack a jelly
Sandwich and tortilla chips
In her (pink) lunchbox.

She’ll prance into school,
Confident, loud, friendly, sure,
As she always is.

Off to the land of
Cubbies, three-prong folders, and
Math centers she goes.

I’ll marvel at this
Sharp, eager, tow-headed girl:
My kindergartner.

Is your child ready for school? Are you ready? And did you purchase boxes of tissues and crayons and blue dry-erase markers, too?



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  1. My son is nearing on three, which means he’s getting closer and closer to school. I know he’s excited for it (based on how often he talks about wanting to go to school), but I wonder–where on earth is all this time going?!

  2. Congratulations!! She will love kindergarten, and you will love organizing those parties with the kiddies!! We start Monday. I can’t even walk, but I’m determined to be there for my boy on the first day 🙂

  3. Just started back this week. As we pull up to school, I hear her seat belt click and her saying as she jumps out “don’t get out mom!”. Sure beats the mornings she cried, so I guess I’ll take it! Supply shopping was fun maybe the first time we did it, but the magic of new supplies has worn off (D’s supply list is 2 pages long), so this year we paid the school booster club to shop for us. I did make an exception for her to pick out a snazzy new backpack – pink of course!

    Happy kindergartening!

  4. She’ll be great! She’s got great ease with people. I’m not sure we can be as ready as they are, backpacks and lunches and tissues all set. Dropping them off doesn’t come with a supply list or a brand new set of crayons.

    We want them to grow up and gain independence, but it feels a bit bittersweet as they step away, even ever so slightly. Time flies for us mamas, doesn’t it?

    Yay for Haiku!

  5. My first grader (2.5 days in to the new year) is struggling with the LONG day but otherwise has a positive attitude. I’m eager for the routine that the school year brings. Already predicting massive tears in three years when my youngest starts kindergarten though. Ordered the supply kit sold through the school, reasoning that though it costs more, I will save myself going to multiple stores to get the specific items on the list. And then … had to visit three stores to find the hand sanitizer that was not included in the kit.

  6. I can still remember sending my oldest to kindergarten, following behind the bus so I could get pictures of him walking through the doors of the school, then trying to quietly wipe away the tears before anyone could witness what an absolute sap I am. Now he is a freshman in high school…sigh.

  7. Pretty dress! And it will go well with hot pink crocs too. We start school next Tuesday.

  8. Rose started kindergarten this week also (our weird homeschool/public school mash up). It’s going great. (She asked me to bring her make up to school when I pick her up). Sigh. Rose and your baby girl would love each other wouldn’t they? Hope this first week exceeded your expectations.

  9. So sweet. I am just imagining her prancing into that classroom.

    Emily started preschool on Monday and fell right into the schedule. I don’t think she wants to come home! Silly goose.

  10. […] Washing laundry. Drying laundry. Folding laundry. Cursing laundry. Signing my kindergartner’s (!) take-home folder. Hosing off rambunctious brothers after a morning in the sandbox. Steering giant […]

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