School Daze

August 31, 2012 at 10:29 pm | Posted in Lollipop | 7 Comments
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Haiku Friday: School Daze


We survived week one.
Up with the sun, tangles combed,
Sparkly backpack on.

We bought lunches and
Brought lunches and imbibed the
Chocolate milk daily.

Morning circle, art,
PE, recess, math center,
And library time.

New friends named Hunter
and Lila and Kylie and
The girl with headbands.

She leads the way to
Her room, past bulletin boards
And water fountains.

The chairs are tiny,
And the cubbies are stuffed, just
Like her little mind.

How did your child’s week of school go? What was the cafeteria highlight (or lowlight) of the week? And does it ever get easier to get up before the sun?



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  1. Recess is our favorite. But we survived. And she’s angry we’ll miss a few days next week. So, I guess we did better than survive.

  2. My son started Middle School which is a big adjustment . We survived the first week. Waiting for details I feel like I am fishing and slowly he tells me….. πŸ™‚ hope all is well πŸ™‚

  3. I missed my son’s first day of school because I was taking my daughter to college. This was the first time I felt really STRETCHED between my kids, forced to choose one kid’s needs at the exclusion of the other. Dad and son assured me he was well cared for. I had all supplies and notes and teacher gifts packed and ready before I left. Do you think I was compensating??

  4. Oh right! I need to buy milk tickets!! Thanks for the reminder. πŸ™‚
    Our first day is tomorrow – exciting times!

  5. Congrats on your finishing your first (and now second) week of school!! We had a good first week, considering (we started school this year with mom crippled). I’m always excited when school’s back in session. And the mornings never get easy, especially once it gets pitch black outside when you wake up and it’s cold and you just want to stay under the covers… Though I do love how after my kid’s off in school and it’s not even 8 yet. Hope you are enjoying it and not letting the kindergarteners drive you crazy yet!

  6. First few days were rough around here — tough adjusting to full day school after morning kindergarten. Now we’re a few weeks in and we’re all hitting our stride. Feels great! Of course, homework hasn’t begun yet … but still, feels great.

  7. […] been in kindergarten for six weeks […]

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