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I haven’t been here lately. I’m not sure where I’ve been.

Why …

There’s no doubt my body has been busy: Cleaning up smooshed graham crackers. Refilling milk and juice (or “goose” as Bun calls it). Walking geriatric dogs. Washing laundry. Drying laundry. Folding laundry. Cursing laundry. Signing my kindergartner’s (!) take-home folder. Hosing off rambunctious brothers after a morning in the sandbox. Steering giant shopping carts up and down aisles. Blocking tiny hands from lobbing sacks of flour and bags of oranges onto the grocery-store floor. Sweating. Doctoring mosquito bites and scraped toes.

But my mind, well, I’m not sure where it’s been. I still feel lost, somewhere between here and there, as if my thoughts are still on the plane waiting to clear customs. For the first time since I started this blog, I can’t think of anything to write. Nothing seems worthy enough. Interesting enough. Happy enough.

I …

And the very reason I write here is to help myself re-frame the boredom and frustration — which is as much a part of motherhood as the snuggles and sandwich crusts — into something meaningful and rejuvenating.

I just can’t seem to do it lately.

But today — today of all days — I want to be here. I want to continue chronicling my life and my family’s. I want to talk about the noses I wipe and the diapers I change and the lunches I pack and the socks I meticulously match, fold, and put away. Because while the little details may not mean much, the bigger picture is important. It’s worthy. Interesting. Happy. It’s my life.


And in the end, at the end, it’s all that matters.

How are you reflecting on today’s anniversary? How do you motivate yourself to keep going on an important project? And how many noses are you in charge of wiping?



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  1. Today is always a strange day in my house. I spent Sept 11th in a cloud of unknowing. I never turned on the radio or tv that day- and didn’t find out until 1pm what happened. My husband was in NYC and still won’t talk about it. That was 10 years ago. So there’s that. How do I motivate? Huh? And as for noses… 4. Including my own.

  2. Oh, gosh, I have less here and there to be caught between, but my mind is stuck in customs too.

    But yes, these details matter. So does reframing (or revealing as autocorrect wants me to say) it all for the good.

  3. Hmmm. Yes, the mind goes there. And then life goes on. It picks you up like a flooding river and sweeps you along with turbulent path… and you make the most of the ride. Especially when you have little ones. ***hugs***

  4. It seems as if the blogging world ebbs and flows with a mind of its own. I enjoy reading daily (or weekly or monthly) updates from my blog friends, but with my kids being older and all in school, I have even less to write about.

    Yesterday, I went for two walks, six miles total. I got my hair done at a new salon, and was none too pleased with the results. I cooked breakfast several times, packed lunches, cooked dinner, went to the grocery, carted kids here and there, watched a bit of TV, booked a photo shoot. Sounds busy in retrospect, but nothing really noteworthy; other than the fact that I feel utterly blessed to be alive and truly LIVING the life that I have.

    So there, my blog post in your comment section 🙂

    And sadly, I only wipe one nose these days (my own). They are too grown up now (sob).

  5. I, for one, am glad you’re still writing! But I know what you mean though. You’d have to be in the frame of mind to write, and sometimes, that’s not possible. I’ve written countless posts in my head during my break from the blog, but when I sit to put them down in words, everything just seems to come out wrong. Like the life I imagined somehow sounds better than what’s “on paper”, and so I scrap it and go back to square one.

    But here’s to trying and writing, and keeping these wonderful memories alive, even palpable, for our kids. It may not always be about travel and adventure, but I have a feeling someday Bun will love knowing that he used to say “goose” instead of “juice” when he was this age. And, like you said, that’s all that matters right?

  6. Writing is always here for you. Sometimes that real family you write about is more pressing. Or laundry. Or just being “in” life, pressing pause on the writing about it. xo

  7. My mind is on vacation and I am not sure why! I go though the motions, but at end of the day find that I really did not focus. Maybe I have fall fever early this year!

  8. I took some time off this summer – longer than I planned on – to think about some of these very things. Ultimately, I’m glad to have a space and a virtual community to help me remember to sanctify those everyday moments that can get lost. And what better time to remember to be grateful that we have these everyday moments at all.

    Welcome home, my friend. I look forward to catching up with you.

  9. I love the photo you’ve titled “write” because it IS about steps, isn’t it? Step by step and I want it to feel like play.

  10. My comment didn’t go through (sigh). What I said was – the way you illustrate everything here with pictures and everything is the way you’ll remember it years later – full of beauty, even in the smallness.

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