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October 17, 2012 at 12:02 am | Posted in Bun, Photo Tuesday | 16 Comments
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“I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.” ― Henry David Thoreau

It’s going to be 90 degrees tomorrow. The only way I know it’s fall is by the sheer number of acorns that tumble out of little pockets during my washing machine’s spin cycle. The sweaters and scarves are waiting, waiting, waiting in blue plastic bins on my bedroom floor. The AC chugs along every day, ready for its annual hiatus.

But there are pumpkins. And candy-laden grocery store aisles. And squirrels feasting under the oaks that stretch their thick, gnarled muscles over my driveway. And, so, we hope. For chili ingredients ready to be crock-potted. For hot showers and hot cocoa. For fuzzy socks. For fall, in all its smoky, crunchy, orange glory.

How do you know it’s fall where you are? What color are your favorite pair of fuzzy socks? And what kind of Halloween candy will you be buying? Trading? Eating??


See more fall at Beth’s.



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  1. Wow? Really? 90 degrees? Yikes. That’s crazy. Here, the leaves have changed color and the air has a definite bite. Hot chocolate is consumed by the gallons because obviously 50 degrees is like a frozen wonderland, right? 😉

  2. The leaves here have *just* started changing color and we have also just gotten out of shorts and t-shirts (finally). I grew up in the northeast where school always signalled and felt like fall – not anymore here in the south!

    Enjoy the summer-like weather while it lasts 🙂 So much better to go trick or treating in costumes than in overcoats!!

  3. 90 degrees! I dont think we eve hit 90 this summer 🙂 Sure doesnt seem very fall like tho, does it? Atleast the pumpkins and candy are there to remind you.

  4. Ah, Texas in the fall. The crisp warm air, the bright fierce sun. Yup. It’s all about the pumpkins.

    • And the rosy cheeks … from sweating all day. =>

  5. Here we’re about 2/3’s leaf less in regard to the trees. The youngest has been wearing his Winter jacket to school while the older boys are hanging on to their hoodies for dear life. 🙂 Yep it’s Fall! I finally put an end to my oldest wearing Shorts to school. Oct4th I said “no more!” The Frost the following week was a good push.

    • Frost. Frost! I think I’m drooling.

  6. Wow! I love your second picture – amazing.

    I think I will be stocking up on Whoppers Malted Milk Balls to give away to trick or treaters (or maybe just keep for myself).

  7. Yes, has been warm here also. This year I got white pumpkins and have never done that before. Guess I need to take a pic before the heat cooks the pumpkins on the porch!!!!

  8. love the feet with the pumpkins. 🙂

  9. It is lovely and cool here, with the brittle sunlight that says “autumn”. We have pumpkins waiting to be carved, and leaves of every color. Those are lovely, lovely pictures.

  10. Sigh… we’ve had snow already! (But then it melted and now it’s lovely, appropriate, fall-type weather.)
    This post reminds me that I haven’t eaten any candy corn yet. Must remedy that.

  11. Oh goodness. Here’s it’s rain and more rain.

  12. I adore fall–and we also have had snow already but a lot of our beautiful leaves survived. Today, however, the winds are so strong that I’m seeing our lovely trees doing stripteases. Sigh. Winter cannot be far…

  13. Acorns tumbling out of little pockets. You just knocked the breath out of me, Stacia. And made me miss my little boys.

  14. Umm…90 degrees here too. Fall doesn’t come until November. Love the pics of fall. Can’t wait for colder temperatures.

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