Monster Mash-Up

October 26, 2012 at 8:03 pm | Posted in Bun, Haiku Friday | 4 Comments
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Haiku Friday: Monster Mash-Up


He’s my furry red
Monster, with a sausage fist
Clutching his “punkeen.”

It’s “How-ween” and he’s
Over the moon yet slightly
Confused. Free candy??

Two and oh-so-sly,
He barters hugs for sticks of
Pink Laffy Taffy.

He greets werewolves and
Witches with mild concern, then
Moves in for the treat.

Too many Tootsie
Rolls? And that Elmo suit sprouts
Horns and a forked tail.

What are your favorite little monsters going to be for How-ween? Will they be saving or trading the Tootsie Rolls? And what will you be sneaking from their pails after bedtime? 



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  1. Love that costume – and can easily imagine the way that a little too much sugar can turn Elmo into a whole different kind of monster.

    Hope you and your Trick-or-treaters enjoy your weekend.

  2. Aw, so cute. *Both* my boys (I mean the 8 y/o and the 40-something) will be ninjas this year. The costumes get darker and darker each year…we started with Mickey Mouse at age 2! Have a festive per-Halloween weekend!

  3. Punkeen. *sigh*

  4. What is it about Elmo and the nearly twos and two-year-olds? My first had an Elmo party because of her obsession and now Thumper is following suit.

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