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“The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.” — William Blake

We visited the neighborhood nursery earlier this week. It was 80-something degrees and so humid I could practically hear monkeys in our urban rainforest. Or maybe it was just my kiddos. They hopped and raced and hollered through the carving pumpkins, the pie pumpkins, the miniature pumpkins, the corn-cob bin, the mums, the petunias, and the rock samples. I hurried after them, clutching my camera strap and trying not to sweat on my lenses. After exactly 27 minutes, I was exhausted. I loaded up the van with my rosy-cheeked lovelies and our carefully chosen fruit — did you know pumpkins were berries? — and counted my blessings. Including air-conditioning.

What blessings are you counting this autumn? Have you made the annual pumpkin-patch pilgrimage yet? And are you still running the AC??


See more fruits and vegetables at Beth’s.



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  1. How can it be 80 degrees 2 days before Halloween? Eeek! Enjoy your pumpkins!

    • A cold front blew in this weekend, so we enjoyed a gloriously chilly high of 70 today. And 47 tonight! Hooray!

  2. Berries?!? Who knew?

    Well, our berries are by the front door. And my monkeys are howling tonight.

  3. Stacia, it seems that each photo you post is more spectacular than the next!

  4. gorgeous shot of the pumpkins

  5. Someone asked me about the proper classification of Corn one day, because she knew I had weird knowledge stashed in my head and if I didn’t know a weird question, I would look it up.

    We normally think in terms of Fruit, Veg, Grain. Most all things actually overlap. Because corn is a veggie, a grain, AND a fruit.

    I have been reading you for a couple years now and I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that I love the way you can take a picture that would normally seem like a bad composition and yet it you have turned it into an art photo. Your extremely clever photography, all done to avoid exposing too much of your children’s identity, takes your pictures out of the line of ordinary family photos. When in college, my university’s student center/admin building had a room that always had art exhibits and often had photography displays. Omaha’s Old Market has several small, odd galleries that do the same thing. Your style of photography always looks like artwork to me. I always look forward to Tuesdays, to see what creative angles you have used to get the most amazing looking shots.

    • You mean, pictures with people’s heads cut out of the frame aren’t composed properly?? Ha! It IS always a challenge to get shots I’m happy with while not still keeping some level of privacy. Thank you for noticing and commenting!

  6. Hi Stacia, has been 100 years at least, and I pop back to a page full of pumpkins! Love it! Hope you’re keeping well. Your blog is a lovely as ever. xx

  7. I haven’t been to a pumpkin patch, but I’ve revisited pictures of our last pumpkin patch visit (’10) several times already. We’ll doubtfully make it this year, but I enjoyed looking at your gorgeous pictures. Perhaps next year we’ll make it out again–in my hometown, if we’re really lucky!

  8. I love all these pictures. Very vibrant and fun!

  9. I didn’t know they were berries!!! Yes, we did ours at the beginning of October, thankfully, because it is freezing and snowing now. 😦

  10. ugh…we missed the pumpkin patch this year 😦 (Bad leg and all the craziness associated with having only functioning parent) I just hope my son never grows out them because he will be 9 the next time this chance rolls around! Ah, blessings – that we have had a beautiful fall all in all, and that I did have this down time to reflect. My injury has been a blessing when all is said and done! 🙂 I hope you are having a great albeit warm fall!

  11. I love the last picture. Or maybe I just love the purple dress. And … 80 degrees???

  12. I did not know they were berries! Love pumpkin patch photo ops!

  13. Berries,really? Wow. Didn’t know that. And pumpkin patch in the heat? I can’t even imagine.

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