Bless My Hearts

November 17, 2012 at 12:57 am | Posted in Bun, Giggles, Lollipop | 5 Comments
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Haiku Friday: Bless My Hearts


I’m thankful for the
Runny noses and all the
Dog hair floating by.

I’m thankful for the
Goldfish under the couch and
Train tracks in the hall.

I’m thankful for the
Shoe we can’t find and the glue
Globs on my table.

I’m thankful for his
Bouncy ball collection and
Her Scotch tape fetish.

I’m thankful for truck
Jammies and bananas smooshed
On diapered bottoms.

I’m thankful for all
This chaos, even if we’re
Always out of milk.

What nontraditional things are you thankful for? What grocery item are you always out of? And what’s hiding under your couch?



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  1. I’m thankful for sleepyheads who giggle instead of sleep.
    And their knotty messes of hair and gloriously self directed fashion (read: never matched a day in their lives).
    The cheerios that stick with amazing glue to the table daily.
    The stains on my stretched out shirt.

    Popcorn hides under our couch.

  2. Thankful we are here in one piece and adjusting!
    And why oh why are the containers of milk so freaking small???!!!!
    (lovely post)

  3. I shudder to think what’s under my couch…

  4. Timely post – today I found myself grateful for bad things happening! Actually, a few things have happened that have turned out to be great learning experiences. So maybe now instead of being so afraid of them I might look back on these few incidents and remember the growth that came out of them.

    Glad to know that there are other children who have Scotch tape fetishes!!

  5. I’m thankful for napping babies, smartphones, cute li’l mini pumpkins as Fall decoration (because they take far less room than their gigantic counterpart), balloons at parties, and as always,, so I won’t have to drag screaming children with me to go shopping.

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