Hello, Yellow

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“How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun.” — Vincent van Gogh

We celebrated the end of a week of sore throats on Sunday by emptying our pockets of cough-drop wrappers and hanging up our scarves. We headed for a farm about an hour outside of town and spent the afternoon wandering in a corn maze, playing in the sand, climbing hay bales, hula-hooping, and swinging from live oaks. The hours squinting, sweating, and laughing in the Indian-summer sun reminded me why I love this place I’ve called home for a decade. In other ways, I felt a keen yearning for Romania, with its billowing fields and village cottages surrounded by hand-baled haystacks. At the end, I was grateful for a few simple hours with my family, no matter where our dot blinked on the GPS.

Is it sun or scarves where you are? Have you ever navigated a corn maze? And how long can you hula-hoop?


See more yellow at Beth’s.



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  1. Sun for us, amazingly enough. Been beautiful LATE fall weather. Drinking it up.

    As always, amazing photos. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  2. Sorry to hear about the colds. The goats here all have colds too. The up and down weather seems to make that happen a lot. It looks like you had a fantastic week!

  3. I’m glad you’re all getting better! I’m sitting here hacking away – of course, just as my leg is starting to get better (sigh). I LOVE these photos, especially the one of your daughter with the hula hoop. I have the same one (just different colors)! I bought a big one and two smaller ones for the arms. They’re supposed to work wonders. I wouldn’t know of course because they’re sitting in the garage gathering dust 😉 I hope you’re doing well! We’re in between scarves and shorts here, and the foliage is beautiful.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Stacia! I’ll be saying thanks for your friendship this year. (I’m walking (limping)!) xo

  4. Beautiful! And no. It’s not sunny here 🙂

  5. We have had an unusually warm late summer and fall after a record breaking summer. You can have our sun to play in and I’ll take some snow and/or wind, please.

  6. Scarves. And mitts. And heavy down jackets. Actually, we’ve had a mild few days but apparently more cold and snow is on the way.
    And yes – I’ve done a corn maze. They make me anxious. The first time I had to race through it just to get out. The second time was with Amara, so I had to pretend to be brave.
    It looks like you had a wonderful day! Gorgeous pictures and gorgeous kids!!

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