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December 19, 2012 at 8:22 am | Posted in Giggles | 10 Comments
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My Giggles is 5 this week.

He’s almost a kindergartner. With feet the size of a fourth-grader. And a cowlick that makes him taller than his sister.


He loves poop. Rather, he loves to talk about poop. When he forgets to listen, it’s because there was too much poop in his ears. When Lollipop irritates him, he threatens to dump poop in her room. When he and Bun are playing trains, one of the freight cars is more often than not hauling poop. (Thankfully, it’s the imaginary kind.)

He is strangely fascinated with batteries. (“How do they work? Why do they have chemicals? What kind of chemicals? Why can’t you see the chemicals? Why do they die? What do they get turned into when you recycle them? Why are they different sizes? Can I sleep with one under my pillow?”)

He will not touch broccoli. Or sweet potatoes. Or peas. Or green beans. Or spinach. Or smoothies. He will devour bananas. And cherry yogurt. And kolaches. And Tic Tacs.

He is in love with my blue electric pencil sharpener.

He helps his little brother put on his shoes. And feed the cat. And build a Lego tower. And get a bowl Cheerios. And sneak Tootsie Rolls.

He has an uncanny knack for finding money wherever he goes. In the dirt at the Y. On the curb at Schlotzsky’s. Under the Great Value soda machine at Wal-Mart.

He does not like me to clean his peanut-butter face with the time-tested spit-wash method.

He keeps his treasures in the tiny drawer next to his socks. Bits of leaves. Acorn tops. Starbucks sleeves. Bouncy balls. An empty toothpaste box. Chuck E. Cheese coins. A zebra magnet. A pizza-restaurant flyer. Two orange slinkies.

His entire day is an adventure just waiting to be narrated. Which he does. With plenty of “That was awesome!” thrown in.

He’s so big, and so little. When he heaves himself onto the pool ledge at swim lessons, I’m absolutely certain his lanky arms won’t support him. They bend and sway like a fawn teetering in the clover.

But those arms always hold. Even with that brick-red train track of a scar, they hold.

And because they hold, I do.

What’s in your child’s treasure drawer? Are vegetables his sworn enemy? Is there too much poop in your ears today??



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  1. I doubt any kid is a fan of the spit-wash method. I know I wasn’t.

    But they all like poop. Or at least saying it!

    Hope he has/had a great birthday. Gotta be good with a Spiderman cake!

  2. boys!!! and those sock drawers. 🙂 It never gets old.

  3. Happy Birthday to you, Giggles. (and happy celebrating that birthday to mom and dad)

  4. Happy Birthday to Giggles! Congrats to you Stacia. (Just so you know poop is a popular word among little girls too!)

  5. That’s just it – he’s so big, he’s so little.

    I’m treasuring these years (as much as I am able throughout the daily grind).

  6. Happy birthday, Giggles! I have a 5yo over here who shares several of his fascinations and predilections – a poop fascination chief among them.

  7. Oh, yes. Poop is endlessly fascinating for this age set.
    My daughters have leaves and acorns, pokemon drawings, and shiny things in their treasure drawers. They are magpies. I’m not sure where the boy stores things yet (if he does). I’m sure he has plans.
    Happy birthday to your 5yo. My 5yo is soon to be 6. So far, 5 has been one of my favorite ages.

  8. Happy Belated birthday 🙂 I hope it was amazing!

  9. Do you remember the story of The Littlest Angel? How he returns to Earth to get his box for the Newborn King? Full of treasures only a tiny child would love? Your description of loved items here makes me think of that story. Children love items like these in a way we never do again.

    In my work with adults, I try to rekindle this kind of adoration. It’s REALLY fun. Watching the permission return. To see GROWN UP people begin to adore their lives and have treasure boxes full of LIFE and SPARK and POOP that fascinates them is a rush.

    Well…it makes me Giggle. Have a fun time with your celebration, because a birthday at this time of year is tricky.

  10. Happy belated birthday Giggles! Five? Wow. When I first started reading your blog, I think he was barely three. So big and so little at the same time is a great description because that’s how I feel about my four-year-old when I see her gangly arms and legs. Where did the rolls go? Where is “lellow”? And then she climbs into my lap and when I hold her, she’s my baby again. It’s wonderful isn’t it? Poop and all 🙂

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