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“Happiness is a warm puppy.” — Charles M. Schulz

Just yesterday, he was a fluffy, wiggly furball with ears as big as his whole body. Today, he’s 9. There’s gray in his muzzle. He doesn’t chase a tennis ball with quite the tenacity he once did. But he still loves a good snooze, preferably in a soft lap. He still sits patiently, waiting for clumsy (or clever?) little fingers to drop goldfish or sandwich crusts or carrot sticks. He comes running at the sound of a snack bowl of Cheerios scattering across the kitchen tile. And he needs to be near us, wherever we are. The feeling is mutual. Happy Birthday, Rocky!

Do you have a 100-pound lap dog in your life? How do animals brighten your day? And do yours snarf up crumbs better than a vacuum cleaner?


“J” is for just yesterday … See more Js at Jenny’s.

Jenny Matlock



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  1. Happy birthday, Rocky! He’s a lucky one to have such great portraits of himself like that. Great job, mama.

  2. Best wishes to Rocky! I’ve been blessed with some great dogs in my lifetime, and it appears you have, as well!

  3. Woof! Woof! Happy B-Day… does he get a biscuit with candles?

  4. Ah, our 50+lb lap dog is perfectly sized for us (though she refuses to eat anything colorful and has grown tired of cheerios. Clearly not all lab.

    Happy birthday Rocky! Maybe someday you can meet Tasha. We got her just about 9years ago too, but she’s closer to 10 (or 11 who knows). She’d love to run around and sniff with you.

  5. Happy Birthday, indeed!! I had a little furry person who lived with me for 13 years–understood every word I said. I had a 13th Birthday party for him and I swear he knew that all the people who came were there for him!!! Still miss my Timothy Dog even though it has been almost 30 years ago that we said goodbye.

  6. animals are the best part of my life..

  7. I used to have a 90 lb black/lab golden that was a delight and so loveable ~ He was also very good with my little Yorkie ~ He looked just like your beautiful dog! Fantastic photos ~

    (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  8. awwww! He is gorgeous 🙂 I don’t have dogs, I have cats though. Animals enrich our lives and are so healing. Happy Birthday Rocky!

  9. Happy Birthday Rocky! My little fur baby is a part of the family. His job is to run the house hold

  10. Rocky is just beautiful…
    Happy Birthday to him.

  11. I love 100+ pound dogs! Happy birthday, Rocky!

  12. What a gorgeous member of your family! He reminds me of my Oberon. She was a black lab/rot and I had her for 9.5 years. She was my best best friend. Happy birthday 🙂

  13. woof-woof, arf-arf, ruff, bow-wow, yip-yip, yap. No, seriously, he means it.

  14. At one time years ago, I had a German Shepherd lap dog…. he was very loving and sweet and never ran in the house LOL!! Now we have a lap cat! Rocky is a beauty — happy birthday to him!

  15. I remember the puppy Rocky! He looks great for a old guy! My 11yoa G Shepherd-Lab mix Ally is getting slower and slower…they are such a joy, right?! Give Rocky a big kiss from auntie Andre! Love your photos too Stacia…great job.

  16. Happy b-day, Rocky. A dog is worth his weight in gold. Hugs and blessings!!

  17. we have our first dog, a new puppy and I’m guessing he’ll be growing up as fast as our own kids!

  18. Happy birthday, Rocky! And you’re a great mom, Stacia, to both kids and pups!

  19. what a sweet face!!!

  20. They do grow up so quickly… I hope Rocky had a Joyous and Jubilant birthday…

    It’s funny that you ask if anyone’s dog snarfs up crumbs better than a vacuum cleaner because our weiner “Guard” dog was literally licking the dirty plates in the dishwasher Just moments ago…

    Terrific Job for the letter J…


  21. So sweet! Our fur ball is still super active and driving us nuts. But we love him a lot.

  22. Happy Birthday Rocky! He is beautiful!

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