The L Word

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“Who, being loved, is poor?” — Oscar Wilde

Who makes you feel rich? Are you raising a tree-climber? And do you have the peel-off backs to those foam heart stickers littering your kitchen floor, too??


“L” is for love … See more Ls at Jenny’s.

Jenny Matlock



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  1. This is such a cute post! I love the second shot.

  2. Lovely post for L ~ great photos ~ little girl is adorable!

    Carol of: A Creative Harbor ~ visiting from Alphabe Thurs. on blogger ^_^

  3. RICH in love – I have always felt that, and I need to remember how blessed I am for it.

    Love your pictures – L for Lovely! – and I hope you are feeling rich too 🙂


  4. Love these Stacia! Light and lovely.

  5. Great the last one the best!!

  6. Lovely *L* post – great photography!

    Have a great weekend too and look forward to *seeing* you again!

    Visiting from Alphabe Thursday

  7. What wonderful post! I really love the pictures you used to illustrate love.

  8. Wonderful photos! Love the last one — cars and child all lined up!

  9. Peel off backs everywhere. And they’re strangely hard to pick up.

  10. Love love love the hanging felt hearts! I love anything felt…the other pictures are nice also…

  11. That last picture sealed the deal. Awesome.

  12. Beautiful posting

  13. Those little feet!

    My daughter’s favorite holiday is Valentine’s day because her favorite shape is a heart. True story.

  14. We are doing the V-day mailboxes this weekend. So I will probably have plenty of arts & crafts stuff littering surfaces. Worth it!

  15. Excellent blog♫ Love the quote♥ Here’s my L effort:

  16. interesting photos. Love the mood. And different.

  17. I love your little one worn out from playing asleep next to the lined up toys 🙂
    I also went for love this week with my post

  18. What a fabulous post, Stacia!

  19. LOVE your photos!

  20. Who being loved is poor…what else is there?

  21. That is a wonderful quote! This was a lovely link!

    Thanks for sharing it.


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