Truth #2

October 3, 2013 at 7:16 am | Posted in Bun, Giggles, Lollipop, Photo Tuesday | 16 Comments
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Training wheels (or lack thereof).




“There is no such thing in anyone’s life as an unimportant day.” — Alexander Woollcott

Are the leaves and acorns falling off the trees where you are? What’s your learning-to-ride-a-bike story? And have you patted a fluffy bunny lately?


T is for truth and training wheels and tenderness. See more T’s at Jenny’s.

Jenny Matlock



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  1. Really love the Alexander Woolcott quote! Thanks for sharing the sweet pictures as well. Leaves and acorns are falling here and it looks like it will be a glorious morning!

  2. Great job riding the bike w/o training wheels!
    And I haven’t seen any acorns yet, I leave in the South, and Fall is always late.Bummer.

  3. I love the lines of that table!

  4. What great T photos you’ve captured here! And no, I haven’t petted a fluffy bunny recently. But I think I need to!

  5. Terrific T shots – I’m with Sue, I need a bunny to pet…

  6. you really take some interesting photos.

  7. I love your shot of time. Terrific truths, Stacia.

  8. The acorns are falling, but we aren’t seeing lots of glorious colors yet. Love your series for Alphabe-Thursday.

  9. Leaves. Check. Acorns. Check. No training wheels. Check. Fluffy Bunnies? Only when you write!!

    • I know, I know. All I can seem to manage these days is to upload some photos from my phone and dig up a decent quotation. I’ll work on it! Thanks for the nudge. 🙂

  10. Aww! So sweet!

  11. Lovely and touching photos!

  12. No fall colors here yet. We really go from green to brown. I have always wanted to see fall color…

    • Yeah, we really go from green to brown, too. The occasional orange leaf is like an Elvis sighting or something! 🙂

      On Tue, Oct 8, 2013 at 7:42 PM, Fluffy Bunnies

  13. Love these!

  14. I love the story your photographs tell…

    The one thing I really miss about living in Ohio is the four seasons… The beautiful colors of the changing leaves are a treat that I don’t get out here in the “valley of the sun”…

    I haven’t thought of the time when I learned how to ride a bike in so long… It went something like fall down, get back up and try again… (((winkwink)))

    And unfortunately I have not had the pleasure of petting a fluffy bunny lately…

    Thanks for linking to the letter “T”!

    Terrific post!


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