And Then She Was 7

October 16, 2013 at 8:13 am | Posted in Lollipop | 21 Comments
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She’s been 7 for three days.

This girl, the one missing her front top teeth. The one who loves sequins almost as much as she loves rabbits. The one who graduated to chapter books when I wasn’t looking.

She roller skates. She backstrokes. She rides her bike, the one with the sparkly purple streamers, without training wheels.

She pirouettes.

She’s wise to this blog thing and suggested I write about “that funny growl Bun makes when he’s cranky, which is a lot, Mommy.”

She has a slight addiction to funny cat videos on YouTube.

She digs in the dirt. She makes her own mud. Her fingernails are a mess. She doesn’t care.

She does this thing now where she rolls her eyes and sighs when she’s exasperated. There’s usually an “aye yai yai” to go with it and, occasionally, a sassy hand-on-the-hip gesture.

She read a book on global warming this summer and decided to start an environmental club. There are 15 members and counting. So far, they’ve planted bean seeds, cleaned up the neighborhood park, and made nature collages. For the next meeting, she’s planning an autumn-focused sing-a-long and maybe some choreography.

She leaves me purple sticky notes on the kitchen counter with reminders like, “Please fix my bird’s wobbly beek” and “I prefer grape jelly for my luntch.”

When she grows up, she wants to run a store called Love Bunnies. She’s got a business plan partially drafted, complete with a social media component. She’ll sell real bunnies, stuffed bunnies, bunny clothes, bunny food, bunny snacks, bunny toys, and bunny bling. There may be a line of bunny ballet slippers. She will oversee things, and Giggles will be her minion. They are both okay with this arrangement.

Last week, she researched bats on the computer and wrote a nonfiction book about them because she had a little time before swim lessons. There may have been a glossary.

Last month, she got an award at school for, among other things, “general awesomeness.”

She’s 7. She’s amazing. And she’s mine.

I think I’ll celebrate with some choreography.


V is for she’s growing up so very fast, it’s giving me vertigo. See more V’s at Jenny’s.

Jenny Matlock



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  1. She is amazing. Happy Birthday!

  2. Awwww! Happy Birthday S!

  3. “General awesomeness” sounds like a perfect description. Happy birthday to your beautiful little girl!

  4. She is a true Sweetheart!!!

  5. Love, love, love it! Happy 7th birthday, girl! She sounds like a delight, and I love how you appreciate the little things that are so special about her. Touching blog post!

  6. How delightful and loving a post for V ~ Glad she is yours ~ she is a gift as you are to her ~ thanks, carol ( A Creative Harbor)

  7. She sounds like a very bright, creative young lady! Congratulations on her being yours.

  8. She sounds like she is going to be a high achiever – a very special little girl!

  9. Wow – the environmental club and business club – she sounds like quite something! Happy birthday to her! You must be so proud 🙂

  10. oops, I meant business plan.

  11. Super cute! I have one who will be seven in a little less than 2 weeks…but he’s a boy. Different story all together, but still love him like crazy…and that front tooth of his is hanging on by a thread. 🙂

  12. I LOVE it, she sounds amazing!! Happy belated birthday…here’s to a great year of being seven!

  13. love it! nonfiction book, heh? good for her!

  14. Stacia, 7 is such a fun age. I love having conversations with my daughter and it sounds like your little girl has plenty to talk about as well.

    Happy Birthday to your sweet and savvy seven-year-old!

  15. I love seven! That was 23 years ago for my girl but such lovely memories…and like you, we thought rabbits were wonderful and had a Flemish Giant rabbit called FooFoo at the time. Happy birthday to your beautiful unique daughter.
    Thanks for visiting my blog – I will enjoy coming back to visit here.

  16. General awesomeness for sure! (admitting I cried when I read this one)

  17. Your pride shines through. Happy belated birthday to your DD!

  18. What a wonderful age♫ Enjoy♥ My letter V:

  19. She is totally awesome!! A glossary!! Happy birthday beautiful little lady!

  20. Happy Belated Birthday to such a vivacious girl!

    I can see how you are getting vertigo!

    Thanks for linking to the letter “V”.


  21. So sweet!

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