His Fair Share

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Haiku Friday: His Fair Share

He won’t share his cars
or french fries or magic seeds
or sometimes his hugs.

He won’t share the book
about Bill’s dump truck or the
Sparkly dinosaur.

He won’t share pennies
or the hole puncher or rocks
or roly polies.

But broccoli and peas
and sneezes and fevers? These
are given freely.

What are your children eager to share? What are you eager to return? And are you in the throes of a summer cold, too?


Between the Lines

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Haiku Friday: Between the Lines

26 voices
I’ve never heard echo through
tunnels in my brain. 

James loved hamburgers.
Josephine loved purple, and
Dawn mothered five girls. 

26 voices
I’ve never heard sing me to
sleep on the dark nights. 

Daniel played the drums;
Jessica was a cowgirl;
Jack loved his Giants.

26 voices
you’ll never hear whisper their
names in these pages. 

Any one of those boys and girls could have been my daughter, given slightly different geography. Perhaps that’s why the Sandy Hook massacre has weighed so heavy on me these last months. Every day since, I have sent a prayer of thanks to the stars, the gods, fate, that my daughter still comes home from kindergarten with tales of who brought chocolate pudding for lunch and what she worked on in art class. With ketchup on her sweater. With glitter in her eyebrows.

Every day, she comes home. And every day, 26 others don’t.

It’s impossible to comprehend. It wakes me up at night, and it pierces me in the heart when I’m shopping for juice boxes or fresh markers. I had to do something.

So I joined Ann Curry’s 26 Acts of Kindness movement. I pledged to donate one book for every Sandy Hook victim to my daughter’s school library. I read obituaries. I cried. I re-read and cried and re-read and cried. I researched children’s books and matched titles with hobbies — Vicki loved flamingos; Grace, the beach.  I e-mailed authors, publishers, anyone, who might help with my project.

And I did it. We did it. 26 voices, 26 books. Lost, found, remembered.

How has Sandy Hook impacted you? And what acts of kindness will you pay forward?


Thank you so very much to these authors, illustrators, artists, and publishers, who donated their work to my 26 Acts of Kindness project:

Carin Bramsen
Denise Brennan-Nelson
Rob Buyea
Michele Craemer
Kelly Cunnane
Cori Doerrfeld
Brad Epstein
David Gifaldi
Jamie Harper
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Kate Kiesler
John McCutcheon
Erica Silverman
Janet Stevens
Audrey Vernick
Don Winn
Wong Herbert Yee


Scout’s Report

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Haiku Friday: Scout’s Report


Dark, cool, and crunchy:
Cookie + breath freshener.
Stock your freezer now.

Coconut goodness,
Caramelly magic, and
Snazzy purple box.

Chocolate and peanut
Butter dance in your mouth like
Johnny and Baby.

Shortbread, served straight up.
Signature trefoil makes it
Taste even better.

Rainbows of boxes
Stacked on my kitchen table:
Rectangular gold.

Did you sell Girl Scout cookies? What’s your favorite? And how many boxes can we put you down for??

Binding Our Wounds

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Haiku Friday: Binding Our Wounds


Her class walks our way,
Trailing sweaters, looseleaf, and
New library books.

She has a purple
Dot on her chin from art class.
One shoe is untied.

My selfish heart sings:
She is mine, all mine, still mine.
And then I break. Mine.

Grieve. Learn. Act.
President Obama’s Response to Connecticut School Shooting
How to Talk to Kids about Violence
Help for Sandy Hook Elementary Families

The Fixer

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Haiku Friday: The Fixer


They yell for me when
they need the scissors or that
Green train that’s missing.

Upstairs, downstairs, on
The phone, or elbow-deep in
An epic diaper:

I can fix it all,
Even though what I want is
To fold the towels.

But the illusion
Of my perfection will fade
Like last year’s swimsuits.

They’ll grow up, grow wise.
They’ll see me — the mom behind
The tab-topped curtain.

The one who craves calm
And sleep and a day off to
Plow through a good book.

What toys can only you find? When’s the last time you had an uninterrupted phone conversation? And what would you do with a day off from mothering (or fathering)?

Monster Mash-Up

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Haiku Friday: Monster Mash-Up


He’s my furry red
Monster, with a sausage fist
Clutching his “punkeen.”

It’s “How-ween” and he’s
Over the moon yet slightly
Confused. Free candy??

Two and oh-so-sly,
He barters hugs for sticks of
Pink Laffy Taffy.

He greets werewolves and
Witches with mild concern, then
Moves in for the treat.

Too many Tootsie
Rolls? And that Elmo suit sprouts
Horns and a forked tail.

What are your favorite little monsters going to be for How-ween? Will they be saving or trading the Tootsie Rolls? And what will you be sneaking from their pails after bedtime? 

How He Rolls

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Haiku Friday: How He Rolls


“It’s my lucky day!”
He shouts, because the toilet
Paper roll ran out.

He jumps down the hall,
The cardboard tube carefully
Cradled to his chest.

He dreams up tunnels,
Giraffes, telescopes, trumpets,
His for the making.

I see one more thing
I need to buy, where he sees

The sum total of
What his brain and the craft drawer
Can concoct today.

What household items get your children excited? How would you define possibility as they experience it? And when do we lose that simple excitement about all an ordinary day can hold?  

Monday’s Child

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Haiku Friday: Monday’s Child


On Monday, she will
Pick out her ruffliest dress
And princess slippers.

I will convince her
That hot pink Crocs are better
For slides at recess.

I’ll pack a jelly
Sandwich and tortilla chips
In her (pink) lunchbox.

She’ll prance into school,
Confident, loud, friendly, sure,
As she always is.

Off to the land of
Cubbies, three-prong folders, and
Math centers she goes.

I’ll marvel at this
Sharp, eager, tow-headed girl:
My kindergartner.

Is your child ready for school? Are you ready? And did you purchase boxes of tissues and crayons and blue dry-erase markers, too?

The Long Goodbye

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Haiku Friday: The Long Goodbye


La revedere,
Cluj-Napoca. What a year.
And now it’s over.

Our bags are at the
Limit, but our memories
Are weightless, endless.

We watched the cherry
Tree next door bloom, wither, then
Bud and fruit again.

Greece broke the Euro.
The crooked mayor went to jail.
The snow fell. (And fell.)

We learned about praf
De copt and how to get through
Double roundabouts.

We learned your heart and
Your history and how to
Toast to good, good friends.

We’ve said goodbye, not
Knowing, just hoping, we’ll be
Back. We will. We will.

The adventure is over. We’re headed home. Home. How can I be so sad?


June 2, 2012 at 11:35 am | Posted in Giggles, Haiku Friday, Me, Transylvania | 6 Comments
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Haiku Friday: Juiced


This boy and his cast
Have four more weeks together.
I’m going crazy.

He runs, chases, climbs,
Spins, scooters, shimmies, and jumps.
You’re not healed! I plead.

He’s juiced, batteries
Recharged, practically humming,
My electric boy.

Children are resilient: discuss. And what do I do with all his energy??

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