Bless My Hearts

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Haiku Friday: Bless My Hearts


I’m thankful for the
Runny noses and all the
Dog hair floating by.

I’m thankful for the
Goldfish under the couch and
Train tracks in the hall.

I’m thankful for the
Shoe we can’t find and the glue
Globs on my table.

I’m thankful for his
Bouncy ball collection and
Her Scotch tape fetish.

I’m thankful for truck
Jammies and bananas smooshed
On diapered bottoms.

I’m thankful for all
This chaos, even if we’re
Always out of milk.

What nontraditional things are you thankful for? What grocery item are you always out of? And what’s hiding under your couch?


Life Lines

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This mother just buried her son. This mother is dead. This one is losing a friend.

And I’m sitting here on my couch. Our old terrier is dreaming of squirrels and lunch meat beside me. I can hear my boys thundering through the backyard. The late afternoon sun beats down on the Yaupon holly, its red berries an anomaly of our hot, sticky autumn.

I have work to do. I’m tired. I have a kindergartner to pick up in 11 minutes.


I don’t care. Because all I can do is sit here, now, and soak up the sensations of my small life. My small, exhausting, hectic, happy, finite life.

Wouldn’t they have given anything for one more moment?

One more moment to smooth sweaty hair from a rosy-cheeked child. To wash and fold the silky threads of a beloved woobie. To stare into the pantry and magic something together from the cans and boxes inside. To run the vacuum, to run to the grocery store, to run out of patience. To laugh and love and live.

Why do I get the privilege of this moment? Of more moments? I feel certain I haven’t earned it. I’m always wishing for more energy and less noise, more manners and less mess, more time and less chaos. More. Less. Different.

I never think, This moment is enough.

This noise is enough.

This mess is enough. 

This chaos is enough.

This life is enough.

But today, the errands, the lists, the laundry — the ordinary — feel like a blessing. And I realize that I have the responsibility of savoring every moment in this life.

This small, exhausting, hectic, happy, finite life. No more, no less, no different.

What adjectives would you use to describe your life? How do you remember to appreciate it? How would you live differently if you knew when it would end?

This One Goes Out …

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This one goes out to the one I love. Who is, at this very moment, buckled in his window seat, finishing off a single-serving bottle of wine (probably red), eating the mystery meat, and savoring his one hot towel.

The one I love? Is on his way to Romania.

It’s the last day I’ll see him for a while. And it’s the first day of our family’s greatest adventure. We sent him off with drawings, cards, photos, videos, and favorite snacks. With lots of hugs and a few tears. With reminders to find us a castle to live in (from the kids) and to not drink the water until he’s sure it’s okay (from me).

And I’ve got one more going-away present. My annual birthday list. It’s made up of items I’ve collected throughout the year in the mental filing cabinet labeled “Marriage” — little ways he’s helped out or made me laugh or solved a problem or saved the day. It’s my way of saying, “I love you. I appreciate you. And I’m glad you change poopy diapers.”

But this year, it’s my way of saying something else: “Thanks, babe. For helping me find the courage to embrace this adventure. For reminding me I have the strength to go it alone for a while. And for believing the year ahead of us will be nothing less than incredible.”

So, here are some of my favorites from this year’s list. It goes out to him, the one I love with my whole heart (and the one who will owe me a few hundred diaper changes when I see him next).

Why I Love You — 2011
1. When I text, “Come home; bring dinner,” you text back: “On my way.”
2.You’re never surprised (or upset) to find that the camera card is not actually in the camera.
3. You always listen, even when you don’t know what to say.
4. You brave the garbage-disposal muck to fish out whatever I dropped down there.
5. You make all the phone calls I don’t want to make.
6. You use words like magicjack, slingbox, and freeware in everyday conversation.
7. You have a screwdriver, a battery, and a hard drive for everything.
8. You secured passports for three pint-sized world travelers.
9. You make an exquisite fruit-and-cheese platter.
10. You play CandyLand (and enjoy it).
11. You could win a gold medal for fastest car seat installation.
12. You make me smile. Every. Single. Day.

What little things do you love about your significant other? Have you shared them? And who fishes stuff out of the garbage disposal at your house?

You make all the phone calls I don’t want to make.

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