Bun: A Dictionary, Part II

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banks adv.
the appropriate expression to use after someone gives you what you’ve nicely asked for.

beelow n.
the horizontal surface where dinner is served and eaten (or thrown on the floor).

Bita n.
Bun’s pronunciation of Giggles (well, his real name), as in “Mimi [see below] want Bita’s poot nacks [see below]!”

bundy n.
bunny rabbit.

dert. n.
what you get if you eat a good dinner.

kissmas bree n.
pre-lit, green, cone-shaped things displayed in every store in America beginning October 1.

Mimi n.
Bun’s name for himself, as in “No! Mimi do!” or “Dat Mimi’s truuuuuuuuuuck!”

mowman n.

nook n.
milk, best served chilled, with chocolate syrup mixed in.

orny goose n.
orange juice.

Poopie n.
Bun’s pronunciation of Lollipop (well, her real name). Cracks. Me. Up.

poot nacks n. pl.
fruit snacks, which I never, ever, ever give my children … snort.

See also part 1. And don’t miss “Lollipop: A Dictionary” (parts 1 and 2) and “Giggles: A Dictionary.”

What’s your little one saying these days? Do you drink orny goose or nook for breakfast? And do you have your kissmas bree decorated yet??


Bun: A Dictionary

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bah n.
bath, or ball, or occasionally button; determine by context.

beh n.
denotes an animal of any kind, usually a dog, sometimes a zebra, once a flamingo.

cookie n.
the only acceptable choice at meal time.

Can you spot the bah and kuk?

gaga n.
popcorn, to be eaten at snack time or fed to the dog.

gwee v.
an abbreviation for “Give me some of whatever it is you’re eating, and give it to me now”; usually accompanied by finger-pointing and feet-shuffling.

kuk n.
1. a vehicle of any kind, most often a truck. 2. sidewalk chalk, esp. when smeared on hands or pants.

mommy n.
the sweetest word in the English language; guaranteed to turn your heart into a puddle.

nah adv.
no; usually enunciated as a growl.

num n.
a pacifier; also known as “baby’s first addiction.”

wawee n.
waffle, the second most acceptable choice at meal time; see also “cookie.”

wee-wow n.
the sound a kitty cat makes; see also “beh.”

What’s your little one saying these days? Why is “no” such a powerful word for the toddler set? And do you like wawees??

Giggles: A Dictionary

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bigger n.
anything green and snotty that comes from the nose; coll.: “I need a tissue; I got a bigger.”

kerns n.
the round seeds that fall from oak trees; frequently eaten by squirrels and collected in pockets by little boys.

mulk n.
the white liquid poured over cereal and, occasionally, the couch.

nims n.
candy-coated chocolate that melts in your mouth and not in your hand (unless your name is Giggles, in which case it melts everywhere).

no adv.
one of two acceptable answers to any question or request; see also “why.”

rock star n.
anyone sporting a bubble-bath mohawk.

rysabeeze n.
rice and beans, eaten collectively.

spell v.
1. to sniff; coll.: “I spelled the yellow flowers.”   2. to turn over a full cup; coll.: “Uh-oh, you spelled your coffee, Mom.”

super-ridiculous adj.
the mightiest of taunts, guaranteed to make your sister retort, “I am noooooooooooooot!”

tways n.
things to play with, especially trains and trucks; coll.: “I think Baby needs some tways, Mom.”

why adv.
one of two acceptable answers to any question or request; see also “no.”

What’s your little one saying these days? Why is “no” such a powerful word for the toddler set? And are you a rock star??

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